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We are so glad that you selected our family to get to know. Please know that there is so much more to our family than these pages can show. We have a big, close-knit, God-loving extended family that has so much love to give your baby.

We won't pretend to imagine the circumstances that have brought you to this moment. We can tell you we are so grateful that you are here and that you've been led to our story. For us it was a difficult but very meaningful journey. For several years we walked through the darkness of infertility and eventually led us to the right doctor and our son was born in 2014. Along the way, adoption started as a topic in our conversations and eventually we saw pieces falling into place to get us where we are today.

We look forward to what God has in store for us as He grows our family in ways only He can piece together and are honored to be on this journey with you.

Leah & Duncan

Hello! We are Duncan and Leah. Thank you for choosing our family to learn about! We are excited to begin this journey with you.

Our story began with a friendship that lasted seven years, before we started dating. We cherished our friendship and loved that it gave us such a good foundation for our marriage.

Both of our families have given us such a strong roots and we love living within a few minutes of each of them. We are very close to both sides of the family. We typically see both sets of grandparents several times a week.

We were fortunate to have our first baby after many years of infertility treatment. His name is John Duncan V (the fifth). His nickname is Cinco! He is so excited and prays every night for a brother or sister! We daydream often about what he or she will be like. We believe that instead of pursuing more fertility treatments and being at the mercy of science, rather, our pursuit would be the journey of open adoption. The three of us can’t wait for your journey to meet up and continue with ours.


I was raised in a small, Texas town. When I was eight, we moved to what is now my hometown, and my family has kept its roots here for 30 years! I have an older sister and a younger brother. The three of us are very close and love spending time together. I also have wonderful, Godly parents that taught me to love and serve others. My mom retired after 40 years in education and my dad retired after 40 years in oil and gas. They always had a home where everyone wanted to come and relax and eat and laugh. I admired their gift for hospitality and wanted this for my own home.

After watching my mother’s love for children, and often spending my days as a little girl pretending to be a teacher, it was inevitable that I received a degree in Early Childhood Development. I taught for several years until we had our son. I have been able to stay home and teach preschool with him. In my free time, I enjoy reading, jogging with my friends, decorating our home, hosting parties and family get-togethers.


My childhood was centered around my family and God. We moved six times before I was in sixth grade, so we became very close as our surroundings changed every few years. Moving so often taught me how to be outgoing and how to make friends in new places. It also taught me the importance of belonging to a good church, and the sense of community that comes with it.

My father works in the oil and gas industry, and he influenced me at an early age to consider working in the energy business. Thanks to his influence and support, I have built a strong career in oil and gas, and it has enabled me to provide for my family. I have always had a strong sense of family. When I met Leah and her family, I experienced the same fundamentals of love and faith that I had grown up with. This has provided security to our relationship.

I’ve always wanted to be a Dad, and have a big family. Our son, Cinco, has been a great blessing. I cannot wait to add to our family and shower more love on our next family member!

Hi! My name is John Duncan V (the fifth!) but everyone calls me Cinco. It’s a nickname that started when I was born in South Texas. I can't wait to meet you and play with you. I've been praying for you for a long time.

Mom and I do lots of activities at home, including preschool. She teaches me the ABC's, math and even music and painting. On Sundays we go to church and AWANAS, where we memorize Bible verses. I take swim lessons and play soccer.

I've been on quite a few adventures. Mom and Dad took me to the broadway show "The Lion King" for my third birthday, and I loved it! This summer we went to see the mountains in Vail, Colorado and the beaches in Seaside, Florida with my cousins and grandparents. Can't wait until you can join us on the next adventure!

Hope to kiss on you soon!

Love, Cinco

We live in a wonderful two-story, stucco home. Leah loves to work in the yard! We have a butterfly garden back there and lots of grass to run around in. Inside the house, we have our master bedroom and a guest room downstairs. We think this downstairs room would be perfect for the new baby! We also have a big kitchen where we love to bake cookies and make meals for our family.

Our neighborhood is full of kids! It’s not uncommon to see them riding bikes, walking their dogs, playing basketball and selling lemonade. Our driveway faces some of our best friends, so we love to sit outside and let the kids play sidewalk chalk. We love this neighborhood for its diversity and lots of school aged children.

Our community is the perfect place to raise a family. It’s very friendly, and there’s something for everyone. We’re just a mile away from the library and a big park! There are also walking/biking trails that take you through the entire town. We love jogging on them and riding our bikes to the grocery store!

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes our family! We are blessed to have both sets of grandparents within five miles from us, not to mention aunts, uncles, and cousins! There is never a dull weekend with such a large and active family. We vacation together, eat together, and do life together. We were both raised with love, and our parents are excited to see our family grow. We received the benefits of coming from a large, loving family and want to extend that love as much as possible.

Our family likes to stay active including cycling, running, skiing, and other sports. As our children get older, we look forward to baseball games, swim meets, and golf outings. Our family is all about experiencing what life has to offer.

Faith is the most important aspect of our family. Our shared Christian faith draws us together and fills our family with love. These days it can be rare to have a big family with shared values and beliefs, and we are very grateful to be part of one!

Summer: Our summers usually consist of swimming, celebrating birthdays and holidays and having lots of cookouts! We love hanging out with our families, grilling burgers and playing sand volleyball. We also love taking a family vacation to the beaches in Florida.

Fall: In fall, there is nothing we love more than some college football. And games wouldn’t be complete without some homemade gumbo! Gig Em! Hook Em!

Winter: Christmas is a family favorite! Every year, we write letters to Santa and cut down a real tree to decorate together. We can’t wait to add another stocking to the mantle!

Spring: What a wonderful time of the year! All of the flowers in our yard are blooming and we look forward to a meaningful Easter.This is the best season for us to sit outside and play sidewalk chalk or in the fort!

Thank you for your interest in our family book. We could never replace you and we promise to tell your story from the day your baby is born. You are so important in your child’s and our family's stories. We have always wanted a big family, and we can’t to add another baby to our family!

We promise to provide your baby with everything we have - a large extended family, a great education, a Christian home and of course, lots of love! We hope you choose to meet us and continue a relationship with us, whatever that looks like down the road for you.